We compress both your work (data) and your Security Signature (in HTML format) in the same Zip File without ever opening the data to create a Proof.Link and then completes the proof service by timestamping it via preferred timestamp options

Service Process:

Before submitting your file for proof service

  • Select the File Location of your file such as your Computer, Google Drive, or Facebook.
  • Select Save Location to send your proof such as Google Drive or Facebook. (By default you will always receive an email confirmation.)
  • Select one or more timestamp authorities or Blockchain protocols (BTC, ETH, LTC)
  • Add information for your Security Signature (optional)
  • Add information for your Public Note (optional)

After submitting your file for proof service

  • Your file will be converted into a Zip File.
  • Your Security Signature will be added to the Zip File.
  • Your Proof.Link will be created.
  • Your Zip File will timestamp by your designated timestamp authorities or Blockchain protocols (BTC, ETH, LTC)
  • Your proof will be returned to you by email. Your file and transaction proof will be deleted from our server.
  • Your file will be posted to your Share Location (if you selected one) with the Proof.Link and your proof will be sent by email.
  • Your Proof.Link will be available for public view at your discretion.
  • Your completed service will be available on the Activity Manager.


1. Timestamped Zip File and Hash: They are your main proof and are only valid together. You must not change, edit (including file name) or modify them to keep them valid.

2. We do not keep your private proof: Once your service is completed we send them to your preferred Save Location (Target Integration: Email, Google Drive, Dropbox etc).

3. Social integrations: If you select Facebook, Twitter or Youtube as a Share Location (Target Integration), then;
(1) Your proof will be sent to your email address,
(2) Your file (in video or image format) will be shared over/on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube with the Proof.Link.

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